豊田耕三ソロアルバム ”呼吸の巴” 3/11 リリース




豊田耕三にとって初めてのソロアルバムとなる本作。ほとんどの曲はアイルランドの伝統音楽新旧のレパートリーから選ばれている。楽器はフルートとギターの2つだけというシンプルな楽器構成で録音。フルートは通常のD管ではなく、全編を通してE flat管を、多重録音のハーモニーにはB flat管を使用した。




<About this CD>

This is the first solo album by Kozo Toyota.

Almost all tunes were selected from Irish traditional music, regardless of old or new.

I chose E flat flute to use B flat flute as harmony and of course, also for higher tension.

This album’s main concept is to express sympathy about repetition and circulation between Irish music and Oriental ideas.

Being inspired by a few thoughts, like Buddhism, Minimalism and so on, minimal formation and minimal arrangement was chosen and tried.


It is recommended for you to listen to this CD through a whole from the beginning to the end, because each track goes on without break.

This album is consisted of two parts, side-A and side-B.

Each side starts from slow air and gets accelerating track by track to the end of the side.

If you use whole repeat function, you can enjoy two different stories endlessly.

[ Internal Circulation ー呼吸の巴ー ]

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2018.03.11   on sale
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収録曲(収録時間 67:51)

1            Aisling Gheal  (4:12)

2            Ross Memorial Hospital  (composed by Phil Cunningham)  (4:08)

3            Slow Jigs : Mist Covered Mountain (composed by Junior Creehan)  (composed by  Junior Crehan)/ Castletown Conners / The Rooms of Dooagh  (7:18)

4            Slow Reels : Last House in the Village (composed by Michael McGoldrick) / Spike Island Lasses / Griffin from the Bridge  (6:26)

5            Jigs : Trip to Brittany (composed by Michael McGoldrick) / Across the Black River (composed by Kevin Burke) / Tatter Jack Walsh  (4:55)

6            Slides : The Gleanntan Frolics / The Toormore / Maidhc Dainnin O Se’s Slide  (3:49)

7            Paddy’s Rambling through the Park  (6:08)

8            Orange Tree (composed by Brian Finnegan?)  (5:31)

9            Hornpipes : The Bird’s Hornpipe / Flowing Down Her Back And The Colour Of Her Golden Hair Was Black (composed by Junior Creehan)  (composed by  Junior Crehan)  (6:00)

10          Slip Jigs : Heart Shaped Wood (composed by Michael McGoldrick)  / Soggy’s (composed by Seán Óg Graham)  (4:32)

11          Jigs : The Rakes Of Clonmel / Pat Mahon’s  (3:54)

12          Reels : Palmer’s Gate / Joe Cooley’s Morning Dew / Skyedance  (4:45)

13          Reels : New Mown Meadow / The Old Dudeen / O’Mahoney’s  (composed by Martin Mulhaire)  (6:12)


Produced by Kozo Toyota / TOKYO IRISH COMPANY
Recording and Mixing / Mike Doolin
Recording Studio / the House of Doolescu in Portland

*only guitar
Recording Engineer / Shinsuke SASAKLA
Recording Studio / guzuri recording house

Mastering / Kevin Nettleingham

Artwork / Yuji Kanamaru
Photo / Mizuho Fukabori
Photo session support / Shuntaro Tanikawa, Nozomi Kawakami and Chouette Gallery
Design / Zerokichi

Flute / E flat flute made by Michael Grinter and B flat flute made by Gilles Lehart
Guitar / Breedlove

ozok@me.com(Kozo Toyota)
tokyoirishcompany@gmail.com(本岡 / TOKYO IRISH COMPANY)




1. Aisling Gheal(アシュリン・ギャル)

ボタン・アコーディオンの神様、マーティン・オコーナーMáirtín O Connorがライヴで演奏していたのを聴いて覚えたが、その後、シンガーのリアム・オメンリーLiam O’Maonlaiが来日してこの歌を歌い、彼に曲名を聞くまで曲名がわからなかった。英訳するとBright Vision。明るく、温かい、美しい曲で、2周目のフルート多重録音によるハーモニーはその雰囲気をそのままに最低限のシンプルなものを選んだ。

I learned this slow air from the one of best accordion player, Máirtín O Connor, at his gig. But I couldn’t find its name for a long time before Liam O’Maonlai taught me in Japan. It means “Bright Vision” in English. I chose minimal and simple cords for the harmony of flutes’ overdubbing to make this bright, warm and beautiful air sound best.


2. Ross Memorial Hospital  (composed by Phil Cunningham)

イングランドの著名なピアノアコーディオン奏者フィル・カニンハムPhil Cunninghamの曲。彼は昔大きな交通事故に遭って、目が覚めた時には病院におり、同乗の友人は亡くなってしまったという。その時に書かれた曲で、運び込まれた病院の名前が付く。

This tune was composed by Phil Cunningham, a famous piano accordion player from England. I heard that he was involved in a terrible traffic accident a long time ago and when he woke up, he was on the bed in a hospital, called Ross Memorial Hospital, and he was told his friend died, who accompanied.


3. Slow Jigs : Mist Covered Mountain (composed by  Junior Crehan) / Castletown Conners / The Rooms of Dooagh


This is set consisted of three slow jigs. I have wanted to try this kind of arrangement, simple flute’s melody accompanied by minimal guitar, for a long time, which is quiet but makes listeners expect something.


4. Slow Reels : Last House in the Village (composed by Michael McGoldrick) / Spike Island Lasses / Griffin from the Bridge

最も尊敬するフルート奏者Mike McGoldrickのシンプルなチューンから始まるゆったりとしたReel*²のセット。彼の飾らないリラックスした感じの曲からインスピレーションを受けて、その雰囲気のまま、普段はもっと速いテンポで演奏される2曲を続けた。3曲目はフルートの神様マット・モロイMatt Molloyのアルバムから。

The first tune is a simple reel composed by Mike McGoldrick, my best favorite flute player. Because of being inspired by its relaxing atmosphere, I chose this slow tempo through the set. I learned the third reel from the best flute player, Matt Molloy, with his great solo album.


5. Jigs : Trip to Brittany (composed by Michael McGoldrick) / Across the Black River (composed by Kevin Burke) / Tatter Jack Walsh

ギアの上がってきた速いテンポのJigのセット。2曲目は名フィドラー、ケヴィン・バークKevin Burkeの書いた曲。テレビ番組か何かの映像で彼がフルートのマイク・マクゴールドリック、ギターのシェイミー・オダウドSeamie O’Dowdと3人で演奏しているのがとてもシンプルで美しくて覚えた。何でもできる人が敢えて何もやらないとというチョイスが好きで、自分は何でもできるわけではないけれど、せめてその雰囲気をつくりたいと選んだセット。

This is a set of fast jigs, as next gear. 2nd tune was composed by a great fiddler, Kevin Burke. I learned from his playing with Mike McGoldrick and Seamie O’Dowd on the TV show. I love their minimal style without showing off their amazing ornamentation, variation and skills.


6. Slides : The Gleanntan Frolics / The Toormore / Maidhc Dainnin O Se’s Slide(マイク・ダニーン・オシェイズ・スライド)


The last set of the side-A is slide with top gear. I often accompany set dancing but I like slide best to dance myself. These slides finish up the former half of this album with going back and forth between major and minor, and with nice backing on the guitar.


7. Paddy’s Rambling through the Park

Side-Bの始まりは、数あるスロー・エアの中でもひときわ独特の雰囲気を持つ、技巧的な一曲。オーラ・マッコーリフÓrlaith McAuliffeがフラー・キョールのコンペティションで演奏していて覚えた。Aマイナーのスロー・エアは、本来澄み切った神秘的な雰囲気を持つが、この曲だけはその技巧的な部分からある種のえぐみを抱える。故に二周目のフルート多重録音によるハーモニーも、主張の強いもの選んだ。

The beginning of the side-B is a technical slow air with unique atmosphere, different from any other slow airs. I learned it from my friend, Órlaith McAuliffe, who is one of the best flute players in the younger generation. She played it when she won All Ireland title over 18th. Though slow airs in A dorian are likely to have mystical atmosphere, only this air has some kind of harshness due to its technical part. So I chose strong chords for the harmony of flutes’ overdubbing.


8. Orange Tree

超絶技巧のホイッスル奏者ブライアン・フィネガンBrian Finneganからレッスンで直接習った曲。素朴な雰囲気ながらもテクニカルな広がりを見せるこの曲が、これから続く世界観を予期させる。

This is a tune I learned from a whistle virtuoso, Brian Finnegan, at his lesson. It has both simple part and technical expanse, so it makes listeners expect the following world view.


9. Hornpipes : The Bird’s Hornpipe / Flowing Down Her Back And The Colour Of Her Golden Hair Was Black (composed by  Junior Crehan)

フルート奏者にとても人気のある二曲のHornpipe*⁴。こちらも3トラック目のSlow Jigと同じようにできるだけ音数を減らすアレンジに。

These are a couple of hornpipes, very popular among flute players. I chose minimal arrangement as 3rd track.


10. Slip Jigs : Heart Shaped Wood (composed by Michael McGoldrick)  / Soggy’s (composed by Seán Óg Graham)

二曲の美しいSlip Jig*⁵。一曲目はマイク・マクゴールドリックの曲。二曲目はアイルランドの著名なバンド、ビョーガBeogaのアコーディオン&ギター奏者、ショーン・オグラハムSeán Óg Grahamの曲。ビョーガとフィドルのケヴィン・バークが共演している映像がとても幸せな雰囲気で覚えた。

These are a couple of slip jigs. 1st one was composed by Mike McGoldrick. 2nd one was composed by Seán Óg Graham, a great accordion and guitar player from a great band, Beoga. I learned it from the TV show, they played it with Kevin Burke, with happy atmosphere.


11. Jigs : The Rakes Of Clonmel / Pat Mahon’s

緊張感の高い二曲のJig。一曲目はスライゴーの著名なバンド、ダーヴィッシュDervishから覚えた。二曲目は同バンドのフルート奏者、リアム・ケリーLiam Kellyからレッスンで直接習ったと記憶している。ダーヴィッシュはアイリッシュ音楽を聴き始めたきっかけのバンドであり、フルートを始めたのもリアムの音がきっかけ。そういう訳で必然的にレパートリーはスライゴーのものに偏りがある。

These are a couple of fast jigs with high tension. I learned first tune from a great band, Dervish, from Co. Sligo. 2nd tune was taught to me by a great flute player, Liam Kelly from Dervish. Dervish is the first Irish band I have ever heard and Liam’s sound made me start to learn flute. So my repertoire is consisted of a lot of Sligo tunes.


12. Reels : Palmer’s Gate / Joe Cooley’s Morning Dew / Skyedance

弾く人、アレンジ、キーによって全く雰囲気が変わってしまう不思議な曲Palmer’s Gateは、本アルバムのダンスチューンでは唯一無伴奏から始まる。弾いていると否が応でもテンションが上がってくる二曲目、空気を張り詰めさせる雰囲気の三曲目を経て、ギアはトップへ。

The first tune called Palmer’s Gate is wonderful reel because its mood varies depending on key and arrangement of accompaniment. It is the only dance tune I started without any accompaniment. Via the second tune which makes my tension high and the third tune which makes a tense moment, the gear is getting shifted up to top and followed by final set.


13. Reels : New Mown Meadow / The Old Dudeen / O’Mahoney’s  (composed by Martin Mulhaire)


It is a final set, consisted of three reels, with the fastest tempo in this album. After tour longer than 30 minutes, we’ll return to the first slow air through D long note, which is a fundamental drone note in Irish music, with repeat function.



*1 Jig:ジグ。アイリッシュ音楽のダンスのリズムの一つ。6/8拍子。2番目に数が多い。
*2 Reel:リール。アイリッシュ音楽のダンスのリズムの一つ。4/4拍子。最も数が多い。
*3 Slide:スライド。アイリッシュ音楽のダンスのリズムの一つ。12/8拍子。アイルランド南西部のシュリーヴ・ルークラと呼ばれる地域で盛ん。ダンサーに人気がある。
*4 Hornpipe:ホーンパイプ。アイリッシュ音楽のダンスのリズムの一つ。4/4拍子。Reelよりゆったりしている。
*5 Slip Jig:スリップ・ジグ。アイリッシュ音楽のダンスのリズムの一つ。9/8拍子。女性がソロで踊る時に用いられる。